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My Name Is Red
My Name Is Red
by Orhan Pamuk
In 16th-century Istanbul, master miniaturist and illuminator of books Enishte Effendi is commissioned to illustrate a book celebrating the sultan. Soon he lies dead at the bottom of a well, and how he got there is the crux of this novel.

System of the World
The System of the World
by Neal Stephenson
Daniel Waterhouse has returned to England, hoping to mediate the feud between Sir Isaac Newton and Leibniz, both angrily insisting they invented calculus. However as the two greats brawl Queen Anne nears death.

Death Comes As Epiphany
Death Comes As Epiphany
by Sharan Newman
Catherine LeVendeur, a young novice and scholar at the Convent of the Paraclete, is sent by the Abbess Heloise on a perilous mission to find out who is trying to destroy the reputation of the convent. Setting: 1139 A.D France.

The Serpent On The Crown
The Serpent on the Crown
by Elizabeth Peters
The Emersons returning to Egypt in 1922, receive an unexpected vistor, flamboyant writer Magda Petherick, who spins an outrageous story about a cursed artifact and implores them to exorcise its demon.

In Search of Dracula   by Radu Florescu, Raymond T. McNally
Vlad Dracula : The Dragon Prince   by Michael Augustyn

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The Historian The Historian
by Elizabeth Kostova

After a young girl discovers her father's darkest secret, she embarks on a harrowing journey across Europe to complete the quest he never could--to find history's most legendary fiend, Dracula.

The Historian
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