Reviews of The Historian

Washington Post
June 12, 2005 - "The Historian is artfully constructed and atmospheric, yet nothing that happens in it is really all that surprising..."

January Magazine
July 2005 - "The Historian is an admirable work, one that will certainly resonate in some ways, but to be fair it must also be said that the novel's studied history and excessive traveloguing suck from it much of the life it might have had."

The Miami Herald
June 26, 2005 - "...though The Historian feels a bit repetitive and bloated, Kostova is onto something here. Her descriptions of Eastern Europe before the fall of Communism are rich and evocative..."

Entertainment Weekly
June 17, 2005 - "I will reveal this much: There is indeed a rich payoff if you persist through the slow parts. But then again, this is a frigging vampire novel. There shouldn't be slow parts."

The Sunday Times
August 21, 2005 - "Itís a poised and adventurous debut, resembling an improbable fusion of the fiction of Anne Rice, Umberto Eco and John Buchan; but you could safely skip the central 400 pages without missing much."

The Historian
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