Reviews of The Historian

The New York Times
June 13, 2005 - "The vampire's power to inflict misery pales beside that of the book's contorted narrative structure. "

Christian Science Monitor
July 19, 2005 - "Overlong and prone to curious lapses of logic - for example, none of the main vampire hunters believes in God, yet all rely on crosses for protection - the novel ranks somewhere above most horror offerings but below serious literature."

San Jose Mercury News
July 3, 2005- "The Historian is Kostova's first novel, and it's said to have taken her 10 years to research and write. Too bad she didn't take a little more time and work out some of the kinks in her prose."

The Daily Californian
June 30, 2005 - "...the novel doesn’t begin to approach the operatic greatness of Stoker’s tale, which is brimming with tension and style. Instead, “The Historian” plays out like a bad TV movie—drawing upon a richness that has been watered down until it’s unrecognizable."

The Historian
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